Coronavirus: Update of advice from The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland is maintaining close contact with the Scottish Government and has issued guidelines, checklists and risk assessment protocols, to every church. Following and implementing this guidance has allowed us to safely reopen church premises for regular worship services on 20th September 2020.

However, we are very conscious of the need to continue provision of spiritual resources beyond the church walls. While physical services are now restarted, numbers who can attend are limited. A number of churches, including ourselves, are continuing to offer online worship. Our Sunday recorded services will be available, usually on the Monday or Tuesday following.

The Church of Scotland will be providing a recorded service every Sunday via the Church of Scotland website and social media platforms, as well as transcripts which can be printed and delivered to those who are not able to access online resources. As some form of new ‘lockdown’ is now looking likely, everyone should continue to follow the advice on Social Distancing, wearing of masks and attention to hygiene, particularly handwashing, which is regularly repeated through TV and Radio.