Remembrance Sunday, 8th November

This Sunday, 8th November, at 10:50am, our morning worship will commence with Remembrance wreath laying at the War Memorial in the church grounds, at the front door of the church. Following the wreath laying, the service will continue inside the church at 11:05am and will conclude at 11:30am.

There will be a maximum limit of 45 to the number of people in the grounds and building. Unfortunately, we will be unable to admit anyone beyond that number. This is to comply with legislation which limits the numbers in order to maintain safe distancing.

Organisations laying wreaths must be represented by one person only. Those collecting wreaths from the church building may do so outside the rear door. Wreaths have been stored untouched for several weeks.

Everyone attending must comply with Covid19 restrictions and requirements as follows:

Everyone entering the church grounds must complete the Contact Details Sheet at the Sanitising Station located at the church main gate. These Contact Details will be securely retained for 21 days, in accordance with Scottish Government legislation, before being destroyed.

Everyone must wear facemasks for the duration of their time within the grounds and the church building.

2m social distancing must be maintained at all times. On entry, attendees will stand in the church driveway where 2m spacing markers will be in place. Welcomers will be in place to assist and ensure distancing. Following wreath laying all will move into the church, maintaining 2m distancing throughout.

At the close of the service everyone will leave through the rear doors of the church, again maintaining 2m distancing.

There should be no lingering in the church grounds to chat. Everyone to leave as quickly as possible, all the time maintaining 2m distancing.