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Weekly Services

Now that we are back in church on Sunday mornings, we will continue to bring you weekly worship services in the form of a ‘Virtual Service’. The service will be recorded in church and made available online to watch using a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each service will last around 30-45 minutes. These will be available usually from Monday afternoon.

They can be viewed at any time, but we hope you can join us for all or some of these services at around 11am each Sunday morning if you cannot be in church. We can all feel togetherness as a part of our church communities as we worship together.  Access the latest service from the link below (and some previous ones if you missed them, from the ‘Virtual Services Archive’ menu above). 

Use this quicklink to our latest Sunday in church service  This week’s Virtual Service

Church reopens as Covid19 infection rate falls

We restarted in church services on Palm Sunday, 28th March.
We now hope to be in church, on Sundays, for the foreseeable future
Note that this will be with the same limitations as when we reopened for a few Sundays last autumn. That is, in our case, a maximum of 45 in church, 2m distancing, wearing face masks and no singing. We will require to take contact details for Test and Trace.
We look forward to seeing at least some of you at our Sunday services.



We are very conscious that a high proportion of our congregation are in the more vulnerable groups, many have been ‘shielding’. We therefore ask that those who attend Sunday Worship adhere to all Covid19 precautions to minimise physical contact with others and maximise the safety of everyone.

What the in church service looks like (when we can be there!). Here are some of the factors:

  1. The Government has stated that opening will have strict numbers limits imposed – with adherence to 2m distancing rules, our church can accommodate a maximum of 45. We are required to record names and contact details for all who attend, for tracing in the event someone subsequently tests positive for Covid19. This record will be held securely and destroyed after 21 days. Unfortunately, if too many people arrive, we will have no option but decline entry after the 47 places have been taken.
  1. The 2m distancing rule means that our 45 people maximum will be scattered over the entire church.  Those from a single household can, of course, sit together. With the 2m distancing rule, that will affect seat availability and will be dealt with as required on a Sunday morning.
  2. It will a mandatory requirement to wear face masks while in the church buildings.
  3. Significantly, no singing will be permitted.
  4. We will have a variety of items to replace hymn singing, such as video clips, recorded hymns, organ playing…..The service will be shorter, 45min maximum.
  1. Prayers and sermon by the minister will likely remain much the same as we have always known, with variations to fit the new service format.
  2. The Sacrament of Communion cannot take its usual form because no sharing or distribution of bread and wine will be permitted.
  3. Lingering inside or outside the church for a chat will not be permitted. Current Government restrictions permit only two households up to a maximum of six people meeting socially. Remember all these rules and restrictions are to minimise close contact with others to keep everyone safe from Covid19 infection.
  4.  For the time being, there can be no ‘teas and coffees’ after the service