Virtual Service Sunday 24th May

Welcome to our video service for this week, Sunday 24th May.

The Order of Worship is shown below.

A Moment’s Silence as we still ourselves

Call to Worship….God has given us eternal life, and this life is to be found in his Son. He who possesses the Son has life indeed…..we can approach God with confidence for this reason.

Praise CH4 511.      Your hand O God has guided

Prayers of Adoration,Confession,Supplication

Lesson. –  2 Kings 2, vss 1-6, 11-15

Praise. CH4 251.     I the Lord of sea and sky

Lesson. –  Acts 1, vss 1-11

Prayers of Thanks and Intercession & LP

Praise. CH4 694.    Brother, sister let me serve you


Ascription of Glory

Dedication of Offerings and Ourselves

Leader.    In the strength of Jesus’ victory

Voice 1.    We go from here

Voice 2.    His messengers

Voice 3.    His brothers and sisters

Leader.      Jesus is Lord!

Voice 2.     Not a good man, now dead

Voice 1.      But a Risen Saviour

Voice 2.      Not a figure in a book

Voice 3.      But a living presence with us

May He bless our Offerings today, that they may be used as part of our service to Him and His living Church


Praise. CH4 255.    Father, hear the prayer we offer 


Recessional ….        May the God of peace go with us