Service of Sunday 21st June

Welcome to our video service for Sunday, 21st June

The Order of Worship is shown below.

Welcome & Notices

Call to Worship. –  Take heart, you seekers after God. For the Lord listens to the poor and does not despise his captive people (Psalm 69 vss 32-3)

HYMN. 189.            Be still

Prayer (from Life & Work)

OT Lesson. –  Isaiah 41 vss 1-10

HYMN.  559.          There is a Redeemer

NT Lesson.  – Matthew 28 vss 1-10,16-20

Prayers of Intercession & Lord’s Prayer

HYMN. 485.           Dear Lord and Father

SERMON…………….”Fear not”

Ascription of Glory

Dedication of Offerings

HYMN.  543.          Longing for light