Service for 27th September

Welcome to our video service for Sunday, 27th September

This Sunday was our second back in church for Sunday Morning Worship. The online service looks a little different now, being partly recorded live on Sunday morning. We hope you will enjoy the new look.


Welcome and Notices

Call to Worship.  –   Your word is everlasting Lord : it is firmly fixed in heaven. Your faithfulness endured for all generations.    (Psalm 119,89-90)

Hymn 249.  We have heard

Prayer Slides on Screen & Lords Prayer

Lesson.  Psalm 136, vss 1-9

Organ Music: Everyday heroes

Lesson.  James 5, vss 13-20

Prayers from Minister

Hymn 247.      Moved by the Gospel


Dedication of Offerings

Hymn 505.      All that I am


Recessional (MP 460)