From the Minister

Message from our Minister
Rev. C Blair Gillon, BD

Interim Moderator and Locum, Crosshouse Parish Church

Dear Friends

I do trust that you are keeping well, especially during these scary corona virus days, this pandemic affecting not only people like you and me in our part of the world, but all over the world causing such fear, pain and death for so many. We do trust that better and healthier days lie ahead.

My official time with you all began on the 1st February, having been asked (commanded?!) in October last year by our Presbytery Clerk to take up this post…. to be truthful, I hesitated to accept it as I was still recovering from Lumbar Spinal surgery, performed in September, and I was not feeling at my best!! Apparently though, there was one else immediately available. However, by the time February came I was “on the mend” albeit slowly. Many thanks to so many of you for your kind words and action during my early 6 weeks with you in person, and the further 3 months or so via telephone conversations and the Online Sunday Services! It’s certainly been an interesting and challenging start for me, greatly aided and abetted by your Session Clerk, Robert Pollock, and other Elders and Board Members.

A quick background!! – I was born a son of the Manse, in Montrose, I spent my early years in various towns and cities in the East, basically school educated at Morgan Academy, Dundee and George Heriots, Edinburgh. I then spent about 15 years in Librarianship in Edinburgh before moving to study for the Ministry at Glasgow University. My first Charge was at Kilbarchan East for 5 years, then at a new triple union congregation called Ibrox Parish Church, where I remained for 27 years. After my “retirement” in 2007, I helped out at an Easterhouse Church, then I was asked to be Locum and Interim Moderator at Girdle Toll Church, in Irvine, where I spent about 10 happy years with them.

Family wise, my first wife, Patience, and I had 3 children. Tragically she died of ovarian cancer, at aged 42  and I remarried, Linda, a few years later (I’m constantly reminded that she’s a bit younger than myself!!) and we also have a family of 3, all grown up now.

So….. enough of me!! I’m looking forward to meeting you all in due course. I had met some during my first 6 weeks with you prior to the pandemic, and to sharing your challenges vis a vis the likes of congregational linkages or unions or whatever else comes our way. It will not be easy especially as you are now a Vacant Charge. What will the future hold? Well, God knows and we must try to tap into His wishes for us all, to assist us in our parish and community mission, to work together in faith and prayer, to look to the future with hope, in mutual love.

For my part, I shall do my best for you and with you and alongside your Elders and in conjunction with our Presbytery (which is also currently likely to see immense changes, unions etc in the not too distant future). Once we get back to “normal”, to our regular worship in our building, to our various fellowship and fundraisers, even though you are probably an older congregation, may you be filled with Gods guidance and blessings.

In closing, then, I bid you farewell. My contact information can be found above.

May God be with you and yours, and in every way that you serve our God.