Service for Sunday 25th October

Welcome to our video service for Sunday, 25th October

Our apologies for the poor sound quality this week, due to gremlins in the system on Sunday morning!

Welcome and Notices

Call to Worship…….. I will praise you, my Lord with all my heart ; I will tell of all your wonders ; I will be glad and rejoice in you ; I will sing praise to your Name, O most high.      Psalm 9 vss 1-2

Hymn 213.    Every new morning

Prayer Slides and Lords Prayer

Lesson.   Hebrews Chap 7 vss 11-17 and Chap 8, vss 1-2


Lesson.    Mark. 10,vss 46-52

Prayers of Intersession

Hymn 402.    Take up your cross

SERMON.     “Columbus Day”   Ascription of Glory

Dedication of Offerings.  (Hymn 202, vss 1 and 3)

Hymn 502.    Take my life and let it be


Recessional. –  Hymn 807.  Praise God