Virtual Service Sunday 10th May

Welcome to our video service for this week, Sunday 10th May May.

The Order of Worship is shown below.


Order of Worship for Sunday 10th May

A Moment’s Silence as we still ourselves


Call to Worship:

Let us kneel before the God who made us ; for he is our God. We are his people, we the flock he shepherds. You shall know his power today, if you will listen to his voice. 

Praise CH4 124.        Praise to the Lord 

Prayers for Ourselves & Lord’s Prayer

Bible Lesson. : Psalm 19

Praise CH4 564.        Jesus loves me

Bible Lesson. : John 10, verses 1 – 11

Prayers for Others

Praise CH4 490.        Jesus, lover of my soul

SERMON – Ascription of Glory

Dedication of Offerings

Praise CH4 511.        Your hand, O God