Note that Covid19 restrictions may affect or curtail normal activities. Please contact us for the latest situation for any particular organisation.

Within the church there are various groups who meet to provide fellowship and support to each other for people of all ages. Below is a list of some of these groups. If there is any that you are interested in, please send us an email and we will pass your interest to those who run the group. 


Ways Forward Group 
The Ways Forward Group consists of members of the Congregational Board who
co-ordinate and organise events for social occasions for the congregation and also fundraising activities to raise funds for the church. The Group are keen to help continue to integrate and work alongside the community groups that exist. 


The Guild
We have 20 regular members who meet every alternate Wednesday at 7.30pm in the church hall.

Our syllabus various from bible study, interesting speakers to fun nights, demonstrations and musical evenings. 
The Guild aim is to encourage men and women to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to enable them to express their faith in worship prayer and action.  New members are always welcome.

The current projects support by the Guild 2021-22 are:

‘Home for Good’ a Christian charity who are passionate about finding a home for every child who needs one. They work to inspire people to think about fostering and adoption. They also equip the Church to welcome these families and help support people on their journeys.

‘Beat’ is the UK’s eating disorder charity. They exist to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Beat want to see everyone with an eating disorder get excellent treatment at the earliest opportunity, and those caring for someone informed and empowered to support their loved one. We know that this ensures the best possible chance of a full recovery.

UNIDA – which means “together” in Portuguese – is at the forefront of pioneering education that transforms the lives of young Brazilians and develops future leadership for faith communities and for the wider society.

Starchild. Finding the Light in Every Child project will address the challenges of stigma and myths related to intellectual and physical disability in Uganda. Many of these children and young people have been locked up, tied up and left in the dark. Starchild aims to build a holistic centre called the Sunflower Sanctuary. This centre will offer support, training and guidance to the most marginalized and help to prevent future generations of disabled people from being hidden in their communities and regarded as having no potential benefit to civil society.

Vine Trust is an international development charity, established in 1985 by the church community in Bo’ness as a response to the famine in Ethiopia. We enable volunteers to provide medical, home-building and care support to communities living in severe poverty in Tanzania and Peru. We aim to empower communities; connecting enthusiastic volunteers with in-country partners and local people to create significant, sustainable development for vulnerable children and families. We collaborate with local partners and communities to create effective change. Africa Inland Church Tanzania had the vision to create a multi-faceted and sustainable village on the southern side of Lake Victoria and the project ‘Kazunzu Village of Hope Tanzania’ was born.

Pioneers UK is partnering with Chocolate Heaven to help raise awareness of their work, to encourage people to support them in prayer, to raise much needed funds to enable them to improve and expand the business and to bring blessing and hope to the workers, their families and the local community. Chocolate Heaven is a small chocolate kitchen on a beautiful island in South East Asia. It is providing employment for chocolate makers, fair prices for local growers, producing and selling delicious chocolate in all the flavours we love— and also some wonderfully exotic ones! – and sharing God’s good news with their employees and wider community whenever they have the opportunity to do so.


Young Woman’s Group
Currently about six to eight in number, meet on the Wednesdays between Guild meetings to socialise and assist with various activities going on in the congregational life, e.g. providing hospitality, food and drinks etc



The main service of worship is at 11am every Sunday morning. Special services are held at Christmas, Easter and Holy Week (Thursday and Friday evenings in collaboration with another Church of Scotland, Kilmaurs, St Maurs-Glencairn in Kilmaurs). As we are part of the Fellowship of Kilmarnock Churches, we invite our members to attend the ecumenical monthly services and occasionally host one of these when asked. Crosshouse Primary School and Communications Centre come to the church at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Summer pre-holiday services. An active choir rehearses every week under the direction of our organist, and contributes in leading worship every Sunday and special choir items from time to time.



Young people are catered for in many ways within Crosshouse Parish Church. Each Sunday, from August to June, the Young Church invites children of pre- and primary-school age to meet first in the Hall and gather with the worshipping church for the first part of the morning service, continuing in our Hall with appropriate adult leadership. An annual trip is organised in the summer for the children, their families and other adults in the congregation. We are always seeking to find new ways, using volunteers and resources available, to engage with the children and youth of the community through their families.

The Church has Brownies and Rainbows and a children’s Karate class meeting weekly in our Church Halls.
Our Safeguarding Panel, consisting of Coordinator and two others, act on behalf of the Kirk Session to keep us up to date with Safeguarding requirements.


Devotional Activities
Prior to Sunday morning services, there is TEN:TEN (a Prayer Meeting to which all are invited regularly).
There is a house group Bible study – The Fellowship Bible Study (on alternate Tuesday mornings) This group joins in with the Fellowship of Kilmarnock Churches for their Lent Bible Study programme. Thursday Hour of Prayer is a prayer group which meets every week in the church.


Wider Church Involvement
The Presbytery occasionally use our halls for the training of elders, Worship Leaders and Safeguarding. We are a member church of the Fellowship of Kilmarnock Churches which brings the local denominations together through shared worship and ecumenical events.

Community Engagement
We work closely with local community through involvement with the Community Council, Crosshouse Action Now and the School Parent Council.