Blythswood Care Shoe Box Appeal for Eastern Europe

Blythswood Care Shoe Box Appeal


Here you will find a checklist of the kind of items asked for

Blythswood Care have indicated that the Shoe Box Appeal collections and distribution will be able to go ahead in October.
In past years, Crosshouse Church has filled over 200 shoeboxes and donated several hundred pounds, all through the generosity of church members and the people of Crosshouse and beyond.
This year, of course, the run up to the Appeal has been dramatically different. Collecting together Appeal donations has likely been low on everyone’s priority. However, the Covid pandemic has not made the need go away – quite the contrary. Now, donations to help those in need are even more important.

Despite the difficulties that they face every day, through poverty, illness, disability, or other disadvantages, receiving a shoebox brings such joy to children and adults in Eastern Europe, that their faces light up with huge smiles.

You can make such a difference to lives that are otherwise almost hopeless.

If you are having a problem sourcing an empty shoebox this year then please use a drawstring bag (no plastic ones please) instead. Maximum size 500mm x 300mm. These are available in a number of shops, especially sports shops.

This year we want to help those in greater need as much as possible
Please, therefore, continue to gather together shoeboxes or bags and any suitable items you can.
We would like to try and co-ordinate things even more as sometimes we get to the end and find that we have lots of boxes for a certain age or sex of person but little for others.
We will collect everything and then review all we have. This will make it easier for making up the boxes.
Last year it was things like the right type of toothbrush/tooth paste for the age of the person and the correct size of gloves/hats that proved to cause a little difficulty.
If you have shoeboxes and/or items with which to fill them, please bring them to the church on the next two Sunday mornings, 4th or 11th October.
If you cannot get things to the church, please respond to this email and we will arrange an alternative collection