Sunday 25th July 2021

Service for Sunday 25th July

Welcome to our video service for Sunday, 25th July led by Mrs Ann Dempster

Call to Worship
1st Hymn: CH4 200 Christ is made the sure foundation….

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

1st Reading: Psalm 27

Organ Meditative – All my trials, Lord, will soon be over

                                    Swing low, sweet chariot

                                    Steal away to Jesus

2nd Reading: Matthew 6 v 24–33

2nd Hymn: CH4 I heard the voice of Jesus say…

Sermon: Worry

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession
Including Dedication of  offering

3rd Hymn: MP 1072  In Christ alone…

Benediction -Sung Amen
Closing Doxology – Praise God from whom all blessings flow